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One of the things all dental patients dread experiencing is the sharp twinge of a cavity. In fact, it is not unusual for many individuals to assume that any discomfort in their mouth is a sign that they are suffering from cavities. And whether you are consciously aware of it or not, you may tend to hold your breath whenever you visit the dentist–waiting to hear whether your teeth are cavity-free. This is often also true if you have children who are visiting the dentist–you tend to wring your hands (at least mentally) until you find out that they are in the clear. What you may not realize is that your dentist is right there with you–rooting for you and your children to have nothing less than healthy teeth and gums. So what happens when cavities are discovered?

Along with the disappointment one may feel when they learn that they have cavities, there is usually some concern about undergoing the treatment that cavities require. This is understandable, as one not only has to endure the drilling that is needed in order to eradicate tooth decay and prepare the tooth for a filling, but also the needle that is used to deliver local anesthetic. Fortunately, Advantage Arrest provides one with a better, gentler and non-invasive alternative to the traditional cavity filling procedure.

The Power of Silver Diamine Fluoride

Advantage Arrest is comprised of two active ingredients: silver diamine and fluoride. Silver diamine is antimicrobial, which means it works well to kill the harmful oral bacteria that contribute to cavities and gum disease along with preventing the further formation of the bacteria-ridden biofilm known as plaque. Fluoride is an important natural mineral that works to help prevent the demineralization of teeth that can also contribute to problems of decay and wearing.

With Advantage Arrest there is normally no need for local anesthetic or drilling. Instead, in order to administer Advantage Arrest, your dentist will:

  • Brush and rinse your teeth.
  • Isolate and dry the teeth that are suffering from cavities.
  • Remove excess debris from the isolated teeth.
  • Dip a microbrush into a drop of silver diamine fluoride and place it on the cavity for roughly two minutes.
  • Remove any excess silver diamine fluoride.
  • Instruct you not to eat or drink for at least one hour following treatment.

Upon application, Advantage Arrest will immediately begin working–relieving tooth hypersensitivity, killing the harmful oral bacteria that contribute to cavities and gum disease, and hardening dentin so that your teeth are more resistant to bacteria-produced acid as well as possible abrasion. Furthermore, while Advantage Arrest can actually stain the areas of teeth that need attention, it will not stain teeth that are strong and healthy.

Silver diamine fluoride has been used to resolve harmful oral bacteria and cavities in many countries, including Australia, China and Japan, for several decades. In fact, it has been used for more than eight decades in Japan, where it has been the subject of twelve clinical trials and where it has performed admirably all the while. It was originally created for the purpose of relieving problems with dental hypersensitivity before it was discovered to be useful in preventing and treating cavities.

At Today’s Dental, we work hard to provide the best possible dental services with the most advanced, non-invasive techniques available. We use Advantage Arrest in order to treat cavities as comfortably as possible, except in very rare cases where its use is contraindicated and other treatment must take place in order to provide the patient with the best outcome.

For more information about Advantage Arrest and the other non-invasive dental techniques we employ to help our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health, contact Today’s Dental now!

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