Medicaid- The insurance you need.

As always said, don’t let your insurance go to waste.

 Nowadays, dental health is the primary concern of the current population whether be it  upper or a lower class. Most people cannot afford the latest dental treatments and hence, requires insurance from government funded organizations .this allows the equal distribution of health care benefits among the underprivileged members of society.

Do you know why are we talking about dental health insurance at all? Nope you don’t, so lets bring to light some reasons to reach out for an insurance policy!

Among the underprivileged and low income families there can be various physical and psychological conditions caused by any dental ailment which decreases the potential of the person and affects general life.

1.untreated decaying of tooth > abscess >infection > portal to entire body > sleep deprivation > malnutrition > low self esteem 

2. Periodontal disease > cardiovascular disease > cancer > death 

3. Smoking and diabetes > cardiovascular disease > deprived oral health 

4. Pregnant females > Periodontal disease > Preterm delivery 

As per some researchers, poor dental health can lead to failing in job interviews and unemployment  because social intelligence is based on the aesthetics of teeth in the mouth. 

So will you not go for an insurance which will provide the security you and your family needs in the most dire situations of your life?

Obviously you must! We thereby provide you the benefits of Medicaid dental coverage at Todays dental, so to help you in getting the best treatment without spending much. 

In South Carolina the new Medicaid policies arrived in 2014 which was administered by the south Carolina department of health and human services( SCDHHS)  the state and the federal government do the funding by splitting which covers 70% of the cost.

So Now , let us know the eligibility criteria for registering with Medicaid.

Elderly, blind or disabled adult or children 

– females with breast cancer or cervical cancer 

– former foster care child upto age 26

– medical assistance needing family 

– individual receiving community or home based care 

– a specified medicare beneficiary with low income 

Mandatory requirements for Medicaid :

  • You need to be a US citizen and should have the legal status to reside in the country.
  • You need to have a social security number or federal identification number 
  • You need to be a resident of south carolina, it can be proved by your driving license or DMV ID card.

What are the benefits of Medicaid? 

Medicaid provides a broad set of health benefits for our country ‘s most vulnerable people who can’t afford oral health treatments on their own because of its high cost. It offers the needed financial protection and security of a good healthy mouth.

So, why don’t to go for the dentists who provide you the support of Medicaid? We at Todays dental currently are treating our 50% patients under Medicaid coverage and look forward to form a new relationship with our new patients to provide them these benefits. 

Moving on to the services we provide you at Todays dental under Medicaid coverage as listed below :

  • Medicaid under age 21

You can avail the following benefits as per the duration given :

Exam & Cleaning once every 6 months

Bitewing x-rays once every 6 months 

Panoramic x-ray once every 3 years 

Full mouth x-rays once every 3 years 

Fluoride once every 6 months

Emergency Exam twice every 2 years

No Maximum & No Co-payment 

Plan Covers:

Exam, x-rays, Cleaning, fillings, Extractions, 

Root Canals, Partials (pre-authorization is required)

  • Medicaid over age 21

You can avail the following benefits as per duration given :

Exams twice a year 

Cleaning once a year 

Bitewing x-rays once a year 

Panoramic x-ray  (head x-ray) once every 3 years

Full month x-ray once every 5 years

Emergency Exam twice a year 

Maximum $750  ( plan runs from July 1 – June 30) 

Copay – $3.40 per visit

Plan Covers:

Exam, X-rays, Cleaning, Filling, Extractions only

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We are always looking forward to form a good and healthy environment at your dental visit and provide you a very pleasing experience both financially and physically to avail the benefits of Medicaid and help to secure you and your families future in oral health care.