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Oral Hygiene

Oral health care : A prime concern 

Oral health is a focal point of our health care which affects every aspect of our lives but is always ignored. Your age doesn’t matter whether you are young or old your oral health care should always be your priority as our mouth is the window to our body. Any changes in your oral health can lead to change in systemic health as well if not monitored on time. 

So, let us know how oral health care is an important part of your life –

Oral health care is none the less taken for granted by everyone in every point of their lives. But do you know how a change in oral health can tell you about a potential systemic problem of your body ! 

  •  Oral health and oral status can tell you about nutritional deficiencies in your body. A change in the form and colour of your mouth commonly depicts the disease.
  • Many visible lesions in your mouth are warning of a major systemic disease which can occur in future. 
  • Dehydrated oral mucosa can tell you a lot about premalignant lesions which can occur in such cases. 

So, any possible disease starts with your mouth which can be treated on time if you maintain your oral health care routine. 

So, what things need to be considered in oral health care ?

Oral health is a general term which has a wide variety of branches that needs to be taken into consideration. 

  • Oral health care includes monitoring the dentition of the person.
  • The status of the soft tissues like gums, oral mucosa, buccal mucosa, floor of the mouth, tongue, palate.
  • It includes examining bad breath or halitosis if present in the patient. 
  • Caries or decayed teeth are the most common problem solved in OHC.
  • Pain or swelling if present are managed.
  • Monitoring for any malignancy in the mouth.
  • People with habits like smoking, drinking, tobacco chewing should always be monitored. 

Now moving on to how we can manage oral health care on our own – 

Oral health is not a very big deal, just some common simple steps taken every day towards the betterment of your mouth can help in building a strong foundation to face any dental ailments if occurs in future. 

  • Regular brushing and flossing properly should be done.
  • Proper brushing technique should be known by the person for an efficient cleaning of your mouth.
  • Use of mouth washes should be done in limits to prevent dehydration of oral mucosa.
  • Eating sweet or sticky foods should be prevented as it causes caries.
  • Regular scaling or oral prophylaxis should be done for good oral hygiene.
  • Regular visits to the dentist twice a year should be done for good oral health care. 

We at todays dental provide many routine checkups and examinations to people who are concerned for their oral health care. Our eminent dentists helps in guiding you towards the trip of a good oral health care till your life. 

Routine checkup, oral prophylaxis, clinical examinations, test for halitosis and various tests to check the status of caries are performed for you to have a knowledge of your mouth. There are various preventive procedures including sealants which halt the carious action of a tooth are also provided.

So, book your appointment now at todays dental and lead a happy secure and healthy life not only for yourself but for your family as well.