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While there are many different dental procedures designed to address many different dental situations, all of them usually fall into one of three different categories: preventive dentistry, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. At Today’s Dental, our main focus is on preventive dentistry, and helping you to establish and maintain optimal oral health. However, we recognize the need and desire for some restorative and cosmetic dental procedures in order to address specific situations that compromise oral health, function or comfort. Therefore, in addition to our preventive dental procedures, we provide some restorative and cosmetic services, as well as the following three specific services:

Dentistry for Kids

Establishing and maintaining optimal oral hygiene habits and oral health does not begin only when you have already established all your permanent teeth. It begins much earlier–in infancy, to be exact. That said, many parents can’t fathom why dentistry for kids is so vitally important, considering that babies don’t usually have teeth erupt into the mouth before they are several months old, it takes some time for them to establish all their primary teeth, and even if these primary teeth suffer from injury or decay they will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth.

There may be some things parents should consider as regards their child’s dental health, including the fact that:

  • Good oral health includes the health of one’s gums and entire oral cavity–even before teeth erupt into the mouth,
  • As soon as primary teeth begin to erupt into the mouth, the natural existence of harmful oral bacteria can place the child’s oral health in danger,
  • Healthy primary teeth, though temporary, lay the foundation for healthy permanent teeth,
  • Well established oral hygiene habits in one’s youth make it far easier to maintain good oral hygiene habits throughout the rest of one’s life.

At Today’s Dental, we are dedicated to helping your children begin the journey to good oral health and hygiene, in a setting that they find comfortable and reassuring.

Custom Sports Mouthguards

It is natural and healthy to have a fond interest in sports activities, but in order to enjoy these activities to the fullest one needs to take the proper precautions to participate safely. Among the many different types of protective gear that is recommended for sports where falls and impacts can occur, a custom sports mouthguard is extremely important.

Custom sports mouthguards are devices worn over the upper teeth in order to protect them, as well as the tongue, inner cheeks and other oral soft tissues, from injury in the event of face or head impact. In contrast to the stock or boil-and-bite mouthguards that can be purchased in the store, custom mouthguards are made based on an impression your dentist takes of your teeth. This not only guarantees that it fits and protects your mouth properly, but also that it is comfortable and does not inhibit breathing or speaking.

Emergency Services

Emergency dental services are those services that we hope to never need, but find reassuring to know they are available from someone we know and trust. This is because despite our best efforts to protect our dental health, we yet sometimes encounter a dental emergency that requires urgent care. Just a few of these emergencies include chipped or broken teeth, knocked out teeth, injury or damage to the oral cavity and a broken jaw. Even when a dental emergency is not severe and therefore does not require that one receive immediate care, it is wise to contact your dentist as soon as possible so that damage can be mitigated and good oral health restored as smoothly and quickly as possible.

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