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You and your dentist work closely together in order to help you establish and maintain good oral health through preventive oral hygiene habits. Unfortunately, even the most rigorous oral hygiene habits may not be enough to effectively eliminate all possibilities of gum disease. Where gum disease does occur and is minor, professional dental cleanings may be sufficient to eradicate it. Where gum disease is a little more extensive, your dentist may need to perform a more thorough cleaning through tooth scaling and root planing. In some cases, surgical procedures may be necessary in order to thoroughly rid the teeth and gums of bacterial infection and establish the foundation necessary for full healing. Whatever your individual case, it is vital that any form of periodontitis you are experiencing is aggressively treated so as to mitigate any damages it has caused and to prevent further issues from arising. To that end, your dentist may recommend the use of Perio Protect.

Fighting Gum Disease with Perio Protect

The harmful oral bacteria that causes periodontitis normally collects deep below the gums, which means it is essentially impossible to effectively eradicate with normal oral hygiene habits like brushing, flossing and rinsing. Even deeper, professional cleaning performed by your dentist is insufficient to resolve the root causes of periodontitis. Perio Protect provides you with a way to effectively fight and destroy the harmful oral bacteria that lies at the root of your gum disease problems–by delivering medication deep below the gums through the use of the Perio Tray.

The Perio Tray is a tray not unlike a mouthguard. When medication is placed in the tray and the tray into the mouth for a few minutes each day, it seals in such a way that it can deliver the medication deep below the gums. The Perio Tray allows patients to fight periodontitis in a minimally invasive way, without surgery.

Dr. Duane Keller is the founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Perio Protect, and he is very familiar with the struggle many people face when fighting periodontitis. When his own mother was struggling with periodontitis, Dr. Keller resolved to find a way to treat the condition before it progressed to a point where surgical procedures became necessary. Prior to designing the Perio Tray, Dr. Keller experimented with using small brushes to deliver medication, dental floss that was soaked in medication, injections and even more. These methods proved unsuccessful in delivering medication deep under the gums, which is necessary to truly make an impact on the disease. The Perio Tray was different, delivering medicine efficiently beneath the gums, where it is most needed.

It is the internal seals on the Perio Tray that make it so effective at delivering medication into the pockets beneath the gums. In order to ensure that the tray will fit and seal properly, your dentist will take impressions of your mouth and send them to a dental laboratory. The internal seals for your Perio Tray will be custom-made based upon these impressions, which means the tray will be as comfortable and will fit as snugly as possible and will therefore provide the best possible results.

Your dentist will prescribe an exact medication for you to use in your Perio Tray for a specified amount of time each day (usually just a few minutes). By sealing against the gums, the Perio Tray prevents medication from entering the mouth and forces the medication into the periodontal pockets under the gum line where bacterial infections cause inflammation and discomfort. The daily dosage of medication helps eradicate the bacteria so that gums can heal and reattach to the root surfaces of the teeth.

Perio Tray use may start with several medication administrations each day initially before gradually decreasing, but since periodontitis is never fully cured, treatment can never fully end. However, dental patients would readily agree that using their Perio Tray for a few minutes each and every day is completely worth the enormous benefits–including not only healthier teeth and gums but also fresher breath and whiter teeth.

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