Pulpotomy refers to the complete removal of the coronal portion of the infected pulp and replacing it with a suitable filling material to preserve the vitality of tooth.

Where can be a pulpotomy done?

  •  It can be done in severely decayed tooth which is preserved for retention.
  • It is done when two thirds of the root length is present
  • A tooth with healthy periodontium or a vital tooth

So let us shed some light on the objectives of pulpotomy:

  • To remove the infected pulp from the tooth
  • Preserve the vitality of the tooth
  • Using intracanal medicaments for intra pulpal space.


Pulpotomy can be done in a single sitting technique and a double sitting technique depending on the vitality.

Our dentist at Todays dental are trained in providing you with the treatment that requires special monitoring as it is done in primary teeth or in that of children, so the procedures involved can be very smooth and stress free for your child.

So let us discuss the common procedures involved in the different types of pulpotomy:

  • Anesthesia is given to the tooth and tissues
  •  Excavation of all the various structures from tooth is done.
  • Access opening and removal of infected pulp is done.
  • A suitable intracranial medicament like Formocresol is placed in cotton pellet into the canal.
  • A filling material then seals the whole canal and then crown is placed.

While the following steps are taken in single sitting, double sitting follows the same procedure but with different medicaments and filling materials. The time taken between these steps also differ.

Nowadays there are various way of pulpotomy like electrosurgical pulpotomy, laser pulpotomy which are the new advancements.

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