Root Canal Treatment

Ever had so much pain in your youth that you could not eat anything. Yes! Tooth with such lancinating pain requires RCT.

So let us throw some light on what actually is Root canal treatment ?

RCT is used to repair or save any severely damaged, decayed, infected or cracked tooth.

It’s procedure includes removal of the nerves and vessels or pulp from the inside of the teeth or the canal for cleaning the decayed and infected part of tooth and finally sealing it.

Procedures done while RCT treatment :

  1. Access opening :It is the opening or providing access to the tooth canal for better visualization for the dentists and then initializing the cleaning process. As done in various shapes for the different tooth, it starts with ditching into the enamel of desired tooth and creating a shape for finding root orifices.
  2. Working length determination : Determination of working length by normally calculating the length of the canal by radiographic X-rays or files which are the key instruments used in RCT.
  3. BMP : Biomechanical preparation includes cleaning and shaping of root canal by the help of files or reamers and irrigating solutions. These remove all the infected pulp from the canal and prevent the bacterial infection from spreading further.
  4. Obturation : Obturation the last procedure of RCT includes filling Guttapercha cones within the hollow canal space prepared for sealing the tooth and providing a good support for mastication of food.

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