Cayce SC Dentist Routine Tooth Extractions

Routine Tooth Extractions




Extractions are the ultimate treatment for severely decayed or damaged teeth widely done by dentists.

It can be done in two ways, one involving the tooth which is visible and requires no surgical process, and another one in which extraction of invisible tooth is done surgically.


Routine tooth extractions are very commonly carried out by the dentist where a visible tooth, either severely decayed or displaced from its position needs to be removed. The tooth which can not be restored in the mouth for its normal functioning undergoes extractions. It is done to improve the oral health of a person.

Routine tooth extractions are carried out by general dentists and not specialized oral surgeons as needed for surgical extractions.

Who needs extraction of tooth?

  • Any person having a severely decayed tooth due to caries in which the structure of tooth is destroyed.
  • Heavy Crowding present in the mouth.
  • For a person who has had an accident and a tooth fracture has occurred.
  • In any serious periodontal disease .

What is the procedure of Routine tooth extractions ?

So now, let us shed some light on how dentists carry out the process of routine tooth extractions:

  • Patient is seated on the dental chair, a clear history of the patient is noted to ensure any systemic illness or medication being taken.
  • A suitable local anesthetic solution is then delivered.
  • Extraction is done by the dentist and then post operative instructions are given.
  • Medication for swelling or pain which are effects of extraction are also given.

What are the complications of extraction and how to treat them?

  • Pain after any type of extraction is a common complication. Patient feels uncomfortable as the extraction causes unbearable pain. Therefore, painkillers are prescribed for three or four days.
  • Gauze pads are used for applying pressure and to decrease the blood flow which ultimately helps in clot formation at the extraction site.
  • Ice bags are used for reducing the swelling .

For more info on extractions and post – op instructions, kindly contact Todays dental. We will be very happy to help you and will create a nurturing relation for your pleasant experience at our clinic. So book your appointment now !

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