At Today’s Dental, our number one goal is to help our patients achieve and maintain optimal oral health. For that reason, most of our services are focused on preventive dentistry, and they include:

Examinations and cleanings

Twice annual dental examinations and cleanings are a critical component of good oral health for a couple of key reasons. Firstly, your dentist is very well trained to detect potential oral health problems long before you detect them and well before they become major issues for you to contend with. This means you spend less time, money and effort restoring your oral health and more time enjoying optimal oral health. Secondly, you simply cannot achieve the same level of deep cleaning at home that your dentist can achieve. Your dentist has tools and knowledge that allow for more thorough cleaning and even the removal of hardened tartar. Learn More »

Periodontal treatment

In some cases, and often despite our best attempts to prevent it, our teeth and gums can suffer from an onslaught of harmful oral bacteria. Caught early on and handled with periodontal treatments, these conditions can be halted and turned around before progressing into worse conditions. Learn More »

Fluoride trays and treatments

Fluoride can help to protect your teeth against the harmful oral bacteria that contributes to tooth decay and gum disease. Fluoride trays and treatments are just two easy ways to benefit from this naturally-occurring and tooth-protecting mineral. Learn More »


Teeth that are at high risk of developing cavities, specifically the back chewing teeth, can be better protected against harmful oral bacteria through sealants. Sealants are exactly what they sound like–products that seal the teeth in order to protect them. Learn More »

Caries susceptibility test

It is not unusual for some dental patients to try their absolute best to establish and maintain optimal oral hygiene habits, only to feel utterly discouraged when their dentist informs them that they have cavities. In some cases, however, there are other contributing factors that, if detected through a caries susceptibility test and resolved, can better prevent cavities from occurring. Learn More »

Oral cancer screenings

Part of your dentist’s job is to carefully examine your mouth every so often to screen for signs of oral cancer. This is normally done as part of your dental examinations every six months, and it simply gives you one more opportunity to catch health issues early on, when you have a better chance of successfully treating and resolving them. Learn More »

Oral hygiene instructions

Establishing and maintaining good oral hygiene habits begins with understanding what good oral hygiene habits are. Your dentist will be happy to give you specific oral hygiene instructions and answer any questions you may have. Learn More »

We do also provide some of the most basic and essential restorative dental procedures, with the aim of improving the patient’s oral health so that it can stabilize at the optimal level. The restorative services we provide include:


Where there has been minor damage to a tooth due to injury or decay, a dental filling can help to restore structure, function and comfort, while also protecting the tooth against further injury or decay. Learn More »

Inlays and onlays

These restorative options are the appropriate restorative procedure when a traditional filling will not be sufficient but a dental crown is not necessary. Inlays are used when the damaged area is within the cusp tips of the tooth, and onlays are used when the damaged area extends beyond the cusp tips. Learn More »


As much as is possible, your dentist will try to preserve natural tooth structure. When there has been extensive damage to a tooth, however, a thorough restoration is needed, and this may involve a crown, or cap, that is placed over the entire portion of the tooth that is above the gum line. Learn More »


When one or a couple teeth have been lost, it is very important that they are replaced. This will not only ensure that the individual will be able to continue speaking and eating normally and naturally, but it will also help to protect their oral health and appearance. Bridges are a tooth replacement option that employs healthy natural teeth in the support of replacement teeth. Learn More »

Dentures and partial dentures

Where many or all of a patient’s natural teeth are missing, the placement of partial or full dentures can help to restore oral structure, function and comfort. Learn More »

Additionally, we understand that one sometimes desires cosmetic dental procedures in order to improve the aesthetics of their mouth and smile. To that end, we provide these cosmetic dental services:


With dental bonding, one can correct basic problems with color, shape and basic tooth appearance. Learn More »


These thin shells are placed on the front of teeth, also helping to correct basic problems with color, shape and appearance. Learn More »

Teeth whitening

Where appropriate, teeth whitening can be used to help counteract staining and brighten one’s teeth. Learn More »

We also provide routine tooth extractions where necessary.

We take pride in providing excellent, compassionate dental care to patients of any age, and especially love helping children start on the journey to excellent oral health. We work hard through these procedures to establish close, personal and trusting relationships with all the patients and families we treat. For more information about our services and to schedule your appointment, contact Today’s Dental now.

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